COVID-19 – Patient Safety Procedures

Cochrane Dental COVID-19 Patient Safety Procedures

Cochrane Dental Centre | COVID-19 PreparednessAt Cochrane Dental, the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about many changes to our daily lives & these changes will also be reflected in your regular visits to our dental office. As we look forward to welcoming our staff and patients back into our care, we also do so with the health & safety of everyone in mind. Although your visit may be a little different experience with these new measures, we hope to continue to bring you the same compassionate dental care you have become accustomed to receiving in our office.

In order to be in compliance with the guidelines outlined by the Alberta Dental Association, the following procedures will be in effect during your visit with us:

  1. All patients are required to complete a Covid-19 screening over the phone prior to booking an appointment as well as fill out a COVID-19 screening document the morning of your procedure. This is located on our website If on the day of the appointment you have had any changes to your health, please reschedule for another day.
  2. We ask that when you arrive for your appointment you knock on the front/back door or call the office to indicate your arrival. Please bring your own mask to wear (PPE supplies are very low & shipment dates are unreliable, so if you have your own we would really appreciate it!)  If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one & hand sanitizer to use prior to being seated. Although you will have to remove your mask at some point in order to be treated, wearing a mask will limit the amount of time & risk of exposure to staff & other patients.
  3. When able, we ask that only the patient with the appointment be present in the office. At this time we cannot accommodate spouses, siblings & extra people in our waiting room. The exception to this will be small children & those with special needs who may be accompanied by one caregiver.
  4. Once seated, your temperature will be taken & Covid-19 screening reviewed. At this time if you are found to have an elevated temperature or there are any issues with your screening, we will rebook the appointment a minimum of 14 days later.
  5. You will be asked to rinse for 30 seconds with a peroxide mouth rinse before any procedure is performed.

Due to the regulations imposed, we will only be able to see a fraction of the patients we usually see in a day. This may mean a delay in getting appointments you have been waiting all this time for. We will be prioritizing patients with emergent & urgent issues. Although all of our patients are important to us, please be understanding as we try to navigate this to the best of our ability. This new way of practice is sure to be an adjustment for everyone but is done with the health & safety of our staff & patients as our utmost concern.

We look forward to seeing you all soon in this new form of normal we are all becoming accustomed to!

Thank you for choosing Cochrane Dental Team!